Helping Alabama Attorneys Suffering With Mental Health Issues

Alabama State Bar Association pic

Alabama State Bar Association

Kenneth Randall is currently the president and chief executive officer of iLaw and iLawGlobal, a company based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. A lawyer with over three decades of experience in both legal practice and teaching, Ken Randall is also a member of the Alabama State Bar Association.

The Alabama State Bar Association was established in 1923 and is the officially recognized statewide organization for Alabama-based lawyers. Apart from maintaining a level of competence among its members, the Alabama State Bar Association is also committed to assisting lawyers who are currently undergoing difficulties. One such program is the Alabama Lawyer Assistance Program (ALAP), a program formed in order to provide immediate and continuing help to lawyers who are currently struggling with any form of addiction or other form of mental health disorder.

One may wonder why a specific program supporting the mental health of attorneys might be necessary. Due to the unique nature of the legal profession, lawyers often experience much more stress than the average professional. Dealing with the pressures of litigation, heavy caseloads, long hours, and high client expectations, lawyers can burn out or break down, which may lead to alcohol or substance abuse or mood disorders such as depression. Taking all these things into account, the ALAP provides confidential intervention and referral services in order to help Alabama lawyers who are in need.


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