The Origins of Tuscaloosa Charity Project Blessings

Project Blessings pic

Project Blessings

Before becoming the president of iLaw and iLawGlobal, Kenneth Randall was the dean and professor of law at the University of Alabama. Outside of his work as a lawyer, however, Kenneth Randall is an active supporter of local charities such as Project Blessings, for which he also provides pro bono legal services.

Headquartered in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Project Blessings is a non-profit organization which helps underprivileged and low-income families by providing home renovation and repair services in order to improve their quality of living. The charity has served people during major calamities such as the tornado of April 2011, which displaced a large number of residents in the Alberta and Rosedale areas.

Currently the organization is composed of 500 volunteers, but it traces its humble origins to an incident in 2009, the year Project Blessings was founded. At that time, Tuscaloosa mother Marsha Sprayberry wanted to help a 12-year-old girl who was without a home. Touched by her situation, Sprayberry provided renovation services and helped the girl have a decent home where she could bring her friends to stay over for the night.


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