The 2016 Southeastern Association of Law Schools Conference

Southeastern Association of Law Schools pic

Southeastern Association of Law Schools

The president and founder of the Alabama-based iLaw and iLaw Global education technology company, Kenneth Randall is a lawyer with more than 30 years of experience practicing and teaching law in Alabama. In August 2016, Kenneth Randall served as a moderator for a workshop at the annual Southeastern Association of Law Schools (SEALS) conference.

The SEALS annual conference provides faculty of southeastern U.S. law schools in the early years of their inceptions the opportunity to present works in progress, and gives legal educators the chance to lead and partake in panels and discussions that will enhance their classroom experience.

In 2016, the SEALS conference was held on Amelia Island, Florida. The weeklong event featured a variety of workshops focused on various legal topics such as tax law, business law, scholarship and book creation, and legal education, which Ken Randall moderated.

Each day of the conference opened with a yoga class taught by an established social worker, author, and holistic health coach. Receptions and luncheons were held throughout the week, and the conference closed with the annual board of trustees meeting.


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