Project Blessings and the 2011 Alabama Tornado

Project Blessings pic

Project Blessings

Experienced attorney Kenneth Randall serves as president and CEO of iLAWVENTURES and iLAWGLOBAL. Ken Randall gained additional experience as a professor of law at the University of Alabama School of Law between 1993 and 2013. Kenneth Randall also provides pro bono legal services to Alabama charities such as Project Blessings.

Project Blessings is a registered nonprofit organization located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Composed of more than 500 volunteers, Project Blessings provides families with home renovation and repair services with a goal of improving their overall quality of living.

In addition to regular Project Blessings activities, the organization has provided additional support during natural disasters such as the devastating tornado that struck Alabama in April 2011. The communities of Alberta and Rosedale were hit particularly hard, with many residents being displaced from their homes and left with few options for relocation.

In the weeks and months following the tornado, Project Blessings hosted a number of events to raise both awareness for the disaster and funds for home repairs. A number of these events continue to this day, including an annual Thanksgiving dinner and talent show fundraiser. Following the tornado, the organization also established a men’s homeless shelter, which continues to operate today.


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