The ASB Promotes Competency through PMAP

Alabama State Bar Association pic

Alabama State Bar Association

Kenneth Randall serves as the president and CEO of the Alabama-based educational technology company iLawVentures, LLC. Prior to this position, Kenneth Randall spent two decades as a law dean at the University of Alabama School of Law. Active in his professional community, Ken Randall belongs to the Alabama State Bar (ASB).

Founded in 1923, the ASB promotes the professional competence and responsibility of its members and improves the state’s justice system overall. The ASB maintains numerous programs that help both lawyers and residents of the state, including the Practice Management Assistance Program (PMAP).

Designed for solo practitioners and small firms, the PMAP helps lawyers effectively manage contemporary law offices. The program protects the public from inadequate legal services and helps practitioners establish competent offices.

PMAP provides educational material in a variety of ways, but most information is distributed through a lending library. In this library, lawyers and legal professionals can find everything from books to video programs about client relations, attorney compensation, and loss prevention. PMAP has also created a series of free brochures, booklets, and packets on starting a new law firm, managing files, and other aspects of running a law office.


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