New NYSBA President Takes Office



After a successful career spanning nearly 20 years as the dean of the University of Alabama School of Law, Kenneth “Ken” Randall went into the private sector in 2012, launching iLaw and iLawGlobal, education technology firms. With legal experience in several states, Kenneth Randall is admitted to a number of professional legal societies, including the New York State Bar Association.

Beginning June 1, Sharon Stern Gerstman officially began her tenure as president of the New York State Bar Association, the 120th individual to hold the post in the organization’s history and only one of seven women. Commenting on the commencement of her official duties, Gerstman says one of her primary goals is to spur members to take practical action to improve the criminal justice system. One of the ways she says members can do this is to continue the organization’s longstanding tradition of pro bono services to indigent clients.

Additionally, Gerstman says she will conduct a comprehensive review of NYSBA’s policies, as well as state law. She is particularly interested in those that have had a negative impact on the prison system, namely increasing its population to overwhelming numbers, especially among minorities.


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