Alabama Food Frenzy – Lawyers Compete to Collect Food Donations

Alabama Food Frenzy pic

Alabama Food Frenzy

Attorney Kenneth (Ken) Randall is the president and CEO of iLaw in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. In addition to his daily work creating online course content for law students, Kenneth Randall remains a member of the Alabama State Bar (ASB).

The ASB is a statewide organization for attorneys. For nearly a century its members have worked to improve the judicial system in the Heart of Dixie and help increase public understanding of state law.

In the spring of 2017, lawyers across the state held the Alabama Food Frenzy. Between April 24 and May 5, more than 50 firms competed to see who could collect the most food for charity. Teams collected more than 72,000 pounds of food during this competition. These donations were split between eight regional food banks in the area.

Cooper Shattuck, LLC, received the Attorney General’s Cup for winning the competition this year. The firm brought in 2,597 pounds of food per employee, which will help support families throughout the state.


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