Columbia Law School’s JSD Program

JSD Program pic

JSD Program

Before becoming the president and CEO of iLaw and iLawGlobal in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Kenneth (Ken) Randall served the University of Alabama in roles ranging from associate professor of law to dean and special counsel to the president. In addition to earning a JD from Hofstra University and an LLM from Yale Law School, Kenneth Randall completed a doctor of the science of law (JSD) at Columbia University School of Law in 1988.

Columbia Law School was founded in 1858 as one of the nation’s first law schools. Columbia’s JSD program provides law students with independent research facilities and advanced seminars and colloquia. The faculty members serve as an additional resource for students, offering advice and leadership through special committees of faculty advisors appointed to each student.

JSD candidates will spend a full academic year in residence at the law school engaged in full-time study and research. Work is not graded, but evaluated as either of or not of doctoral caliber. After completing an approved program of writing, research, and study, candidates are required to develop a dissertation and pass an oral defense.


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