BARBRI Group Acquires Legal Educational Technology Firm iLawVentures


BARBRI Group pic


As the president and CEO of companies such as iLaw and iLawGlobal, Alabama entrepreneur Kenneth “Ken” Randall has developed educational technology offerings for schools spanning the globe. In July 2017 BARBRI Group, a provider of legal education services, announced the acquisition of one of Kenneth Randall’s Alabama enterprises, iLawVentures, LLC.

Leading up to the acquisition was iLawVentures, LLC’s steady expansion in providing end-to-end educational solutions. The company’s portfolio grew to encompass both JD content and graduate programs tailored to post-JD learning needs. In addition, the firm has partnered with law schools in providing strategic consulting capacities.

BARBRI has a well-established niche in providing faculty training, curriculum, and assessment services. Adding iLaw expands its reach to distance learning platforms that can effectively provide it with global delivery capacities. As part of the acquisition, iLaw’s executive team and its strategic capacities are staying in place, which will ensure consistency in the provision of its much-sought-after offerings. Mr. Randall described the acquisition as providing longstanding customers of both companies with a “compelling value proposition.”


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