Snare Rolls as an Essential Rudiment of Drum Playing


Kenneth Randall (Alabama)

Kenneth Randall, Alabama

As founder of iLaw and iLawGlobal (part of the BARBRI Group companies) in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Kenneth (Ken) Randall is a respected presence in the legal education content and technologies sphere. Nurturing a passion for short fiction during his leisure time in Alabama, Kenneth Randall has written a number of stories. He also has a background in music as a drummer.

At the core of learning the drums is mastering the drum rudiments, which are combined to create myriad patterns that flow, change, and avoid becoming too predictable. These begin with the snare drum and the single-stroke roll, which takes its place within beats and fills, as well as drum solos. As a variation, a continuous string of singles can be grouped in a cluster of four notes as a single-stroke four. This can add syncopation through the use of alternating hand-to-feet combinations.

Particularly common in marching band settings, the multiple-bounce roll allows for a full bounce of the snare drum in a repeated pattern. This can be complemented by the propulsive-double stroke roll, which has a preeminent place within fills and beats. A variation is the triplet-based triple-stroke roll, which expands the repertoire possibilities to complex Latin and jazz styles.


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